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Roland Sansone

Roland Sansone Boulevard Mall

Roland SansoneRoland Sansone recently enjoyed time at the Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas, participating in the hugely successful Chinese New Year event.

Below is a video from a post on Fox News that explains something that is quite intangible and something that helps make certain developers super successful. Part of growth in this industry is calculated risk and Roland is doing just that.

Roland Sansone has a keen eye for locations that need work and he knows if built out correctly, success is just behind that build. Roland can conceptualize how the new property will affect the lives of those who will be using it and how it will affect the community as a whole.

Bob Massi said of Roland Sansone,”Sometimes when everyone is running one way, you’ll find one person going the other direction.” That’s Roland Sansone. Check out the video.

The New Boulevard Mall Las Vegas