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Roland Sansone in Nevada continues to point out that Nevada has the highest ratio of distressed real estate than any other state in the Union. Interestingly, Las Vegas still leads the nation in its percentage of properties in financial trouble.

Roland Sansone in Nevada Purchases Distressed Properties:

Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies see these worndown properties as exciting opportunities. Oftentimes, Roland and his investors step in to purchase these individual shopping centers and office complexes, considering all submarkets and property types that make sense. The team looks to buy existing debt, purchase bank-owned properties or myriad other scenarios. Upon purchase, the intent is to first stabilize them and then acquire a take out loan on the properties to renovate and grow them.


The Boulevard Mall was purchased by Roland Sansone in 2013 for $54.5 million. Renovation has continued since and is the largest renovation to a Nevada mall.

Developer, Roland Sansone, is bringing entertainment, dining and shopping to a mixed-use property, The Boulevard Mall Las Vegas. State of the art Luxury theaters, sea aquarium, bumper cars, bowling, carousel, golf, Olympic size climbing walls, children’s adventure park, and a Grand Prix race track. Roland Sansone was interviewed by Bob Massi on Fox News: “Sometimes when everyone is running one way, you’ll find one person running in the opposite direction. That’s the case with Roland Sansone.” Watch the Fox News video below to learn more.

roland sansone in nevadaSansone recently was listed as 1 of 10 commercial property managers in Nevada with over 1.7 Million feet and 13 properties managed. This is quite an achievement for the Sansone Companies team. Roland Sansone continues to lead his team in Nevada with his sights always on the next project. One of the tips to becoming a successful real estate developer is to always be looking, considering and never remaining in your comfort zone, with only consideration of your current buildings. The Sansone team has a thorough property evaluation which controls quality, schedule, and costs, allowing the client to save.

Read More about Roland Sansone in Nevada by visiting a post in The Las Vegas Sun. His goals on helping distressed properties continues. Also, if you have a property in Nevada that are you looking to buy or sell, feel free to reach out to Roland Sansone. He will provide a consult for you.