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Olivia's Chile Relleno

Roland Sansone Invites You to Dine at Olivia’s Restaurant

Las Vegas has no shortage of great dining experiences. From one end of the Valley to the other, there are great stops for foodies and casual eaters alike. Yet with the complete revamp of The Boulevard, Las Vegas’ oldest and biggest mall, Roland Sansone and Sansone Development strive for something different.

“We know a dining experience is more than just the time you spend at the table,” Roland Sansone said. “It’s about finding it easily, feeling comfortable in the neighborhood, and then enjoying a spectacular meal from start to finish.”

Olivia's Grand OpeningTo get there, every new dining establishment at The Boulevard has found a home in a sleek, newly refurbished locale – to the tune of $44 million in upgrades, compliments of Roland Sansone.

One exceptional example of this is Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant Mariscos & Bar, recently lauded by Heidi Knapp Rinella of the Las Vegas Review Journal. And from her reaction, the vision of Roland Sansone has come to life at this eatery. You can read the entire review here, but we thought we’d give you a three of the main highlights.

1. The vision of Roland Sansone is taking shape in real ways.

True to what Roland Sansone and his talented team of developers envisioned, Knapp notes that the exceptional experience she enjoyed at Olivia’s started before even arriving at the restaurant itself.

“Visually, Olivia’s is something we’d expect to see on the Strip or in the ‘burbs….The blue-and-white exterior, fronting the parking lot near the mall’s cab stand, is sleek and contemporary, which carries over to the interior with its roughly textured stacked white stone (limestone, maybe?) and black accents,” Knapp wrote.

Roland Sansone continues: “So much goes into creating something good for families – they need to feel safe, they need to feel welcome, and they need to be in a place where they can have fun.”

2. You can’t ignore the importance of great food.

Knapp’s review touched on a few of the highlights from Olivia’s authentic Mexican menu, including the beginning of the meal with pulled beef brisket flautas.

Knapp writes: “The three crisp rolls were not at their heart all that unusual, but their treatment was — drizzled with regular and avocado crema and sprinkled with some cotija cheese, pickled (in-house, we suspect) onions and an avalanche of arugula…”

This reflects the full intention of Olivia’s. The menu, created by Faviola Trujillo, reflects the native influences of El Limon Jalisco – balanced with nontraditional flair and inventive techniques.

The diners continued with specialty items such as chile relleno, garlic shrimp and sweet corn tamales, all of which were well reviewed.

“In Olivia’s, we found a restaurant partner that we knew would be a hit,” said Roland Sansone. “From their dedication to fresh ingredients to their signature take on authentic favorites, we knew this would be a dining experience like none other.”

3. Roland Sansone says, “Value matters, too.”

As Roland Sansone points out, getting more for your hard-earned dollar is part of enjoying a great experience – especially for families.

Roland Sansone presents the all new Olivia's Mexican Restaurant

Roland Sansone brought Olivia’s Mexican Cuisine to The Boulevard

“We’ve worked hard to invite dining establishments that deliver real value,” he said. “When you work a hard week, going out to dinner is a luxury, and we want to make sure that when people choose to spend their time and money at The Boulevard, we deliver on our promises – big time.”

As Knapp notes in her review, the menu items at Olivia’s are all very reasonably priced. From appetizers at just $9 to main courses under $20, the restaurant delivers top-tier cuisine at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. Even typically higher priced items, such as garlic shrimp, deliver big flavor for a reasonable $15. Knapp writes of the dish:

“The seven plump shrimp optimally cooked and bathed in a super-garlicky butter mixture, which is a good thing. On the side was more cilantro-corn rice and some frijoles that not been squashed and refried; these were whole and just soft enough, a refreshing change.”

Roland Sansone continues: “It’s the little things that make a big difference. Paying attention to the details is a great way to build value.”

In addition, Roland Sansone designed Olivias to attract the younger and older population. A lot of time, creativity and dollars went into specific design details to make sure it would work well with the audience in mind.

With Olivia’s and other incredible dining options, Roland Sansone and The Boulevard are bringing great restaurant experiences – and great value – to residents of the Maryland Parkway corridor and throughout Las Vegas.